Fashion is fraught. Today, you lose your individuality to the overstatement, to the gimmicks. Atash Boutique is the opposite of that. All of our clothes are missing one critical ingredient - you. Simple designs, timeless fabrics, functional comfort. You are the new classic - and here at Atash we hope you'll meet your match.


Nashville has been our home for over 20 years. We love and admire its commitment to community, to growth, to the well-being of those who live in and around it. Nashville has a code all its own, and Atash Boutique strives to complement that code. Simple elegance, comfort, and no-frills functionality. We are proud of our style, our determination. We believe in Nashville - we hope you do too.


Both our Boutique locations are shared with Salon Atash Hair & Brow Bar. Katie Mirian, our Artistic Director, believes that healthy self confidence comes from the successful cohesion of every aspect of your personal style.  We are the only establishment of our kind in the Nashville area. Come to us for all your needs. Fashion and aesthetic industries have always been intertwined - its high time you walk into a one stop shop.